Camera is designed for recording and digital processing of continuous and pulsed images from the output of streak cameras, including images that appear at arbitrary times.





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Main components:
  • CCD television camera (TVC) with lens, external synchronization connector and USB interface (TVC can be powered by a PC);
  • PC (laptop);
  • external synchronization cable;
  • electrical and fiber optic communication line with a computer;
  • FastGlance software.

Features of FastGlance base Software:

  • display of the entire recorded image or any of its fragments in the scale selected by the user;
  • saving recorded image or sequence of frames on the hard drive or removable media;
  • image accumulation both on a CCD matrix or in software;
  • image arithmetics (sum or subtraction of last image input with recorded file, sum or subtraction of 2 files);
  • subtraction of regular noise and constant background from the image;
  • rotation of the received image around the center of the frame by the angle selected by the user;
  • visualization of brightness profiles (intensity) of the image in a linear scale. One or two cursors can be used to set lines or areas that are used to make brightness profiles;
  • measuring width of relative brightness profiles at levels 0.1 and 0.5 relative to maximum, measuring rise and fall of profiles, between levels 0.1 and 0.9 ( or 0.9 and 0.1);
  • measurement of the relative brightness of the image at the point or zone set by an onscreen cursor with the possibility of stretching the brightness profile scale by 1.5; 2; 2.5 or 3; option to use automatic brightness profile scale to display maximum value on the brightness profile as 0.9 of the maximum scale;
  • measuring speed of movement of objects on images recorded with streak cameras in linear sweep or multi-frame modes;
  • digital image correction (brightness, contrast and gamma);
  • correction of photometric and geometric distortions of the image, including non-uniformity of the linear sweep coefficient;
  • Images can be displayed on screen with several options of pseudo-coloring (shades of grayscale, blue or multi-color), which helps determine increased amount of brightness levels;
  • Indication of the brightness (ADC) level overflow with white or red color. Overlight indication can be disabled;
  • creation of video clips from images recorded with streak cameras in multi-frame.

An example of using software to measure the contrast of an image of an optical test-object

Pic.1. Brightness profiles of test-object elements.

Pic.2. RU-05M CCD camera with fiber-optic communication line.

Operating conditions:
  • Humidity ≤ 80%
  • Temperature 283 – 308 К
  • Pressure 95 - 105 kPa
Main Specifications
Input lens parameters:
- focal length, mm
- relative aperture d/f, rel. units

CCD type
Размер ПЗС матрицы, мм
6,4 × 4,8
CCD matrix size, mm
4,65 × 4,65
Number of pixels
1392 × 1040
Spectral sensitivity range, nm
400 – 1000
Camera gain adjustment limits, dB
6 – 36
Length of the communication line with the computer, m:
- electrical cable
- fiber optic cable

≤ 5
≤ 100
Supply voltage, V
Power consumption, A
Operating temperature range, °C
-10 – +50
Sensitivity (illumination on a CCD matrix at a wavelength of 500 nm with a gain of ~ 12 dB and a signal-to-noise ratio at the camera output equal to 1), photon/pixel
≤ 80
Spatial resolution on a CCD matrix at a contrast of 50%, lp/mm
≥ 60
Operating modes:
1.Continuous with single and cyclic image input and processing
2. Waiting (with external trigger)

Maximum triggering frequency, Hz
Sync input resistance, Ohm
Linear dynamic range at 22.5 dB gain and 100 µs accumulation time, rel. units
Dimensions, mm:
- length
- diameter

Weight, g
≤ 300
Complete set
Name Q-ty Note
1 RU-05M CCD Camera 1
2 External Synchronization Cable 1
3.1 Communication line with a computer electric (≤ 5 m) 1
3.2 Communication line with a computer fiber optic (≤ 100 m) 1 Optional
4 Flash drive with FastGlance software 1
5 Laptop with FastGlance software installed 1 Optional
6 User manual 1
7 Package 1 Case


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