Device is designed to connect television and streak cameras with a PC in conditions where connection using a conventional USB cable is impossible (electromagnetic interference, a large distance from the camera, background radiation, etc.)




The line consists of a duplex multimode fiber optic cable of 100 or more meters in length, two transceivers and a power supply. The transceivers are converters of an electrical digital signal from USB standard into an optical one with a built-in four-port USB hub, allowing up to 4 streak cameras or other digitally controlled devices (oscilloscopes, monochromators, etc.) to be remotely connected to a PC through such a line.


Contact details

8 (800) 350 25 51 ext 3612
8 (495) 665 52 91

Operating conditions:
  • Humidity ≤ 80%
  • Temperature 283 – 308 К
  • Pressure 95 - 105 kPa
Complete set
Name Q-ty Note
1 FOCL-01 Fiber optic communication line 1 ≤ 100m (≥ 100m optional)
2 User manual 1
3 Package 1 Case


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